Inside Mayim Bialik And Jim Parsons' Relationship
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Despite the fact that "The Big Bang Theory" finished in May 2019, the cast members maintain a close bond. Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons have a particularly close relationship, not unlike Sheldon and Amy.
Bialik said she and Parsons had a lot of amusing moments on set, but it got extremely emotional when it came to Amy and Sheldon's wedding. While Bialik admits that delivering romantic lines was challenging, she states that "there's no one [she] would rather say them to than Jim."
Since 2021, Bialik has appeared in "Call Me Kat," a remake of the British sitcom "Miranda," with Parsons serving as executive producer. While Bialik did not expect to get the part, Parsons knew straight away that she should.
As ultimate proof of their real-life friendship, Bialik was in attendance at Parsons’ wedding to his long-time partner Todd Spiewak on May 13, 2017. Their wedding just so happened to take place a few days after "The Big Bang Theory" episode where Sheldon proposes to Amy.