Inside Melania Trump's Relationship With Ivanka
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Melania Trump is 11 years older than Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's eldest daughter, and they appear to have a lot in common on the surface: they are poised, fashionable, and, of course, they have a big family. According to several sources, the women get along well, but others suggest there is enough tension between them to cut with a knife.
The election turned the tide on the women's once-good relationship, according to Mary Jordan's book "The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump," because Melania isn't as comfortable in the spotlight as her stepdaughter. Meanwhile, a source told CNN a year before the book was published that the two ladies are "cordial, but not close."
According to inside sources, Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump have "always shared a close relationship and still do today." Separately, a White House official has said, "The first lady and Ivanka have a great relationship. As strong independent women, each has their own unique portfolio but they always support each [other] personally and professionally."
With rumors flying back and forth, Ivanka has spoken about her stepmother directly, saying, "Melania is an unbelievable mother [...] and she's a great inspiration to me as I raise my own children." Meanwhile, Melania is not as open to interviews, but ‌most of what has been written about her relationship with Ivanka is unconfirmed.