Riley Keough walks the red carpet with her husband Ben Smith-Peterson
Inside Riley Keough's Relationship With Her Husband Ben Smith-Petersen
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Met On Set
Riley Keough was in Australia for "Mad Max: Fury Road" reshoots when she met fellow actor Ben Smith-Petersen. Things moved pretty fast as Keough would later explain in an interview, “Two weeks into dating him, [...] I was like, 'I could see myself having kids with this person.' It was kind of like I knew I was meeting my husband."
Quickly Married
After their whirlwind romance in 2013, the two announced their engagement the following year. Keough and Smith-Petersen got married in February 2015, though neither directly commented on the wedding nor offered an official statement.
Loves Australia
In a May 2022 essay for British Vogue, she described their time of falling in love in Australia as "amazing." Further explaining her love of the country she wrote: “I would love to live there, or have a place there, eventually. These are probably the most magical memories of my life."
Two Weddings
Keough and Smith-Petersen were married in California in early 2015, but the pair actually had a first and more secret wedding in Nepal. While they were in a small town in Nepal to help build a school, the townspeople learned of their engagement which ended up leading to a rather spontaneous Hindu ceremony.
Instant Comfort
In another interview Keough explained that she and Smith-Petersen have always felt natural around each other. She said, " I just always felt very comfortable with him, always wanted to be near him, even from the beginning."