Todd and Julie Chrisley's federal trial for bank and wire fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy began in May 2022, after they evaded about $2 million in taxes owed from 2008 to 2016. They're now dealing with even more startling news, as Mark Braddock says he had an affair with Todd.
An anonymous tipster found the affair, which lasted approximately a year and occurred in the early 2000s, and began harassing Braddock with threatening text messages. Braddock ultimately shelled out $38,000 to stop the scandal from surfacing, giving the money to Todd in a bag in a parking garage.
Despite Braddock's admission that he still had romantic feelings for Todd, the two remained close and worked together until 2012. However, after being cut out of Todd's life, he was the one who eventually turned the Chrisleys into the feds, stating that he only agreed to engage in their dubious tax fraud scheme because of his romance with Todd.
Todd and Julie have been together since 1996 and although the couple has their rough moments like any couple, they continue to work hard to put each other first. Todd proudly said, “I think that Julie and I've always known we're better together.”