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Is Your Body Posture Affecting Your Skin?
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While posture feels like one of the last things that might affect your skin, it's not an unfair question to ask. We know good posture looks good and feels good, but what does it have to do with your skin? It turns out that there might be a solid link between your skin and your posture.
Fumiko Takatsu, a skincare specialist and the creator of the Face Yoga Method, explains that as we grow older and lose muscular mass, our shoulders rise naturally and our jaw goes forward. We gradually ‌‌hold our faces differently while this transformation takes place, and this poor posture might manifest as puffiness and reshape our jawline.
Takatsu is a big fan of yoga to help relax the face and re-center your posture, saying, "if I exercise my body muscles, I should be able to do the same for my face." Her Face Yoga Method, which is comparable to eye yoga, takes an inside-out approach to skincare in which your core muscles can affect your face.