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Kellyanne Conway Claims Donald Trump Fears Only One Person
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The January 6 committee revealed a lot of the inner workings of the Trump administration. With the release of hours of interview transcripts, the committee highlighted the apathetic responses of many of Trump’s closest allies, but in one interview, Kellyanne Conway had a lot to say about the one person who might have swayed Trump’s perspective.
According to Conway, if anyone was going to pull Trump back from the brink on January 6, it was his wife, Melania. During her January 6 testimony, Conway revealed that Donald Trump is afraid of just one person — Melania — so when the chaos at the Capital began, Conway contacted the first lady, begging her to help Trump see sense.
Conway recalled that morning, saying “I texted her, please — something to the effect of, you know, please talk to him because I know he listens to her. He reserves — he listens to many of us, but he reserves fear for one person, Melania Trump.” However, according to CNN, Melania was busy with a photo shoot when the chaos ensued.