King Charles Wasn't The Only One To Leave A Note On The Queen's Coffin
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All eyes were on Queen Elizabeth's coffin as it was carried into Westminster Abbey on September 19, draped in the Royal Standard with the Sovereign's Sceptre, Orb, and Imperial State Crown on top. A beautiful wreath with emotional and historic significance also sat on the coffin, along with a very special note.
The handwritten note was from the queen's son, King Charles III, and read, "In loving and devoted memory, Charles R." Additionally, wreaths from William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, also had handwritten notes attached, with each bearing their own monogram; however, we don't know the content of these notes.
Leaving notes with flowers is a common practice, one that Queen Elizabeth often did for special people in her life. She left a note that read "In Loving Memory, Lilbet," on her mother’s coffin, and for her husband Prince Philip, who died in 2021, the queen touchingly wrote a note that read in part, "I love you."