Actor Luke Macfarlane
Luke Macfarlane: What Only True Fans Know About The Hallmark Star
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Luke Macfarlane has starred in over a dozen Hallmark films since his 2014 debut in "The Memory Book," and fans love keeping up with this interesting actor’s life. Initially thinking he’d be a doctor, he became interested in acting while in high school, and was later accepted into Julliard — which led to his breakout role on "Brothers & Sisters."
Since coming out in 2008, Luke has played an openly gay character on "Brothers & Sisters," and landed another LQBTQ+ role in the 2022 film "Bros," but has stopped sharing his personal life. He once told Page Six, "I give you my performance, and you give me my privacy!" though the press still tries to find out who he’s dating.
A man of many talents, he's also a former singer and songwriter and released an "underground" album with his band of studio-recorded tracks and songs performed live. In addition to recently hiking to the highest point in the Americas, he is also a talented woodworker and shares his artistry in pics on Instagram — and as gifts for friends.