Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the UK to the United States, they and their two children seem happy in Santa Barbara, with Harry saying, “Home for me, now, for the time being, is the States.” However, the couple still faces criticism for leaving the royal family, and one man made his feelings very clear on live TV.
On a recent episode of “The Wendy Williams Show,” guest host Michael Rapaport ranted about the couple’s choices, starting with criticism of their “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”-esque reality show. “You need to get a life," Rapport told Harry and Meghan (at least not to their faces!). "You’ve left the royal family to do a reality show.”
A producer of the show reminded Rapaport that Harry and Meghan still hold the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but Rapaport shot back, “No, no, no, they’re Meghan and Harry Markle, you ain't Sussex [...] I'm telling you my man took her last name. She’s driving the ship.” Seems like Rapaport has some damage of his own to figure out.