Michelle And Barack Obama React To The Overturning Of Roe V Wade
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On Friday, June 24, 2022, news broke that the Supreme Court officially overturned Roe V. Wade, the landmark ruling that made access to abortion a federally-protected right for nearly half a century. Social media exploded with reactions; among the people mourning the court's decision are former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama.
Via his Twitter account, Barack Obama said, "Today, the Supreme Court not only reversed nearly 50 years of precedent, it relegated the most intensely personal decision someone can make to the whims of politicians and ideologues—attacking the essential freedoms of millions of Americans." Obama also gave abortion rights supporters encouragement.
Former First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted a full-page essay of her thoughts, saying she is "heartbroken" at the court's decision. She fears the nation must "learn the painful lessons of a time before Roe" when women "lost their lives getting illegal abortions" and when the "government denied women control over their reproductive functions."
The Obamas both urged those who feel the way they do to have hope and get involved with organizations like Planned Parenthood and The United States of Women; the former President said these groups “will continue to be on the front lines of this fight." The former First Lady said,
"Our hearts may be broken today, but tomorrow we must find the courage to get up."