This story contains discussions of suicide.
Beloved country singer Naomi Judd died by suicide in 2022. Judd's husband, Larry Strickland, once spoke about how to care for a loved one dealing with depression, saying, “Get ready to walk that path with them because they're going to need you every minute"; now, Strickland has opened up about his wife's final days.
During Judd's memorial service, Strickland said, "I was really scared to death about her flying alone [...] to Nashville cause I knew how fragile she was." Though Judd arrived safely, she took her life shortly after, and Strickland shared excerpts from a heartfelt email he received from a man who sat next to Judd on the plane.
"It's a small comfort, I'm sure, but my life seems a lot richer after meeting your wife," the email read. "Obviously, I didn't know Naomi at all, but I can tell you she spoke highly and warmly of you, and the life you shared together. Rest assured she loved you and had no qualms about telling me, a stranger on a plane, that was so."