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Prince Andrew's Wildly Lavish Lifestyle: Expensive Watches And Luxury Vacations
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By The List Staff
When Andrew was still a senior member of the royal family, he was receiving a salary of about $300,000, including a pension of about $24,000 as a member of the armed forces. Since being removed from royal duties, he paid off a $1.8 million personal loan in 2017, suggesting he borrowed money to support his lavish lifestyle.
Prince Andrew reportedly spends about $300,00 per month — an entire year's worth of income — on lavish vacations and private jets. Queen Elizabeth II was rumored to give him money from her private account, and he's been known to borrow about $237,000 every few months from Banque Havilland.
Prince Andrew has owned and sold many properties over the years, but some dealings weren't seen as above board. For example, Andrew sold Sunninghill Park Estate to the president of Kazakhstan's son-in-law for about $18 million, making about $3.6 million more than he listed the home for.
Royal Lodge
Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson have lived together for decades at the Royal Lodge in Windsor Park despite being divorced. Originally a part of the Crown Estate, Queen Elizabeth lived there until her passing in 2002, and it sits on roughly 98 acres of land with 30 rooms and the Y Bwthyn Bach cottage.
Fergie's Help
Prince Andrew's finances don't seem to cover his lifestyle, so he might be relying on his ex-wife to cover his expenses. During an interview with Hello! Magazine in March 2023, Sarah Ferguson said that she can "support [Andrew] and the rest of the family through my work, and I'm really pleased and proud to do that."