Camilla Parker-Bowles was once the most hated woman in Britain, since it was rumored that Prince Charles was seeing her while married to Princess Diana. However, Camilla’s image has been rehabbed over the years, and her now-husband Charles can publicly joke about his wife without worrying about her reputation.
Prince Charles and Camilla are on a historical trip to Rwanda, being the first British royals to visit the country, and they attended Kigali Fashion Week. When Camilla told Charles to pose for pictures, he cheekily said, “She’s very bossy!”, which tickled fans and led them to make comments on social media.
One fan said, “I believe Camilla has been good for him, a combination of happiness and mellowing as he ages makes a good PoW.” Another fan noted that this isn’t the first time Camilla kept Charles in line: “Even during the [Platinum Jubilee] she was always having to nudge him for something. He listens to her you can tell.”