ARGENTINA - NOVEMBER 24:  Princess Diana In Argentina  (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)
Princess Diana
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Wedding Gown
Princess Diana’s wedding gown was created by a group of freshly graduated designers who would soon make history. Designer Elizabeth Emanuel said there were “no guidelines or instructions,” but their vision “was all about drama and making Diana a fairytale princess."
Honeymoon Suit
Diana’s peach honeymoon suit came from Bellville Sassoon, a London-based shop she frequently collaborated with. However, before their partnership began, a store employee turned Diana away as she entered shortly before closing to find an outfit for her engagement photos.
Pink Dress
The Princess donned her favorite color while visiting Australia and received tons of compliments from various media outlets. Fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen believes Diana was able to “play up [her] femininity” and express her unspoken emotions with this pink dress.
Hachi Gown
Diana’s one-shouldered Hachi gown sparked backlash from the public for being too revealing for a Princess. Anna Harvey, who chose the dress for the Princess, said Diana “wasn't going to be pushed around” by the media, which is why she continued to wear it after the controversy.
Navy Gown
After dancing with John Travolta at a White House State Dinner, Diana’s navy gown was dubbed the “Travolta dress” by the public. Travolta said the dress “fit her beautifully” and admitted he “could probably sketch it in [his] mind because it was so specific.”