Princess Diana's Most Inappropriate Outfits
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As noted by Cosmopolitan, the queen preferred dresses and skirts over trousers, but Princess Diana Spencer still chose a pair of pastel yellow overalls and a coordinated top for a polo match at Windsor Great Park. She finished the look with a pair of wedges and left a pair of sunglasses perched on her head.
When people think of the royal women, they picture femininity, elegance, and sparkly crowns, but Princess Diana did not concede to such limited perspectives and wore a tuxedo suit while attending a Genesis concert in 1984. The look was as inappropriate for a royal as it was groundbreaking, and it served as a turning point for Diana's sense of style.
Spaghetti Straps
While attending an event at Covent Garden in 1982, Princess Diana opted for a glittery chiffon gown, and while she looked beautiful, her choice defied expectations and broke dress protocol. Instead of conforming, she shocked the system with her spaghetti strap gown, showing every inch of shoulder she had while attending the event.
Metallic Open Back
While in Melbourne in 1985, Princess Diana opted for a backless metallic dress that was as daring as it was inappropriate. The members of the royal institution were not fans of the look, and strict dress codes preventing backless dresses, bare shoulders, and short hemlines were put in place for royal events.
Princess Diana was defiant, even in her most casual of looks, and the light blue denim overalls that she chose to wear to a polo match defied expectations of what she should have worn to such an event. Polo matches, from what we can tell, serve as a who's who in the royal world.