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Princess Margaret Was Never The Same After Her Divorce
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Royal Divorce
After 18 years, Princess Margaret's marriage with Anthony Armstrong-Jones was irreparably damaged, but her divorce rocked the monarchy and the world. It became the first royal split since King Henry VIII and Anne of Cleaves in 1540, and whether she intended to or not, Margaret paved the way for future royal divorces.
After her divorce, Margaret became the first "paparazzi princess." Her approval rating among the British public was at an all-time low, and she faced the wrath of the press and the public — even a member of the British Parliament dubbed Margaret both a "parasite" and "an embarrassment to the whole nation."
Her Reaction
Although there was infidelity on both sides, photos emerged of Margaret on vacation with a younger man, giving her husband an excuse to officially pull the plug. When Antony told her secretary his formal intention for divorce, Margaret responded, "Oh, I see. Thank you, Nigel. I think that's the best news you've ever given me."
Immediately after her divorce, Margaret checked in to the King Edward VII Hospital in London, and her time behind medical walls allowed her to ride the wave rather than be drowned by it. She was treated for both hepatitis and gastroenteritis during her stay, but her health battles didn't stop the press from going after her.
New Romance
In the early 1970s, Margaret was said to be incredibly unhappy, drinking too much, and very lonely when she met Roddy Llewellyn, a young landscaper. She flung herself into the relationship and pursued her royal role with new enthusiasm — her divorce and new romantic relationship served the princess well for a time.
Lover & Mentor
Llewellyn came to know Margaret as a lover, royal, and friend, and after Margaret died, he said the princess became a mentor to him, reflecting, "In Princess Margaret, I found a fine friend who could steady my restless nature and offer wise counsel." Though their relationship had ups and downs, it saw him through a crucial time.