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Red Flags Everyone Ignores In Hallmark Movies
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Same Plot
Part of the excitement of watching a movie is that you never know how the story will unfold, but with a Hallmark movie, there are rarely plot twists or differences in storylines. Typically, the basis for these charming, simple stories with happy endings is that an uptight female from the city finds love in a small town.
No Diversity
In Hallmark movies, the cast is always very white, and they haven't had LGBTQ+ characters until recently. This drives the idea that this is what a "normal" family or relationship looks like and alienates viewers who don't fit that mold, but the new CEO Wonya Lucas says she wants more inclusive and diverse content.
The Script
The scripts of Hallmark movies often feel forced and unrealistic, with lines that feel more formulaic than genuine. Hallmark movies follow a specific nine-act format, and Hallmark screenwriter Karen Schaler says drugs, drinking, nudity, cheating, divorce, swearing, and fighting are heavily discouraged or banned.
The format also has predictable characters and a female lead protagonist who finds peace and happiness only after abandoning her big-city career and falling for a small-town man. Maybe Hallmark thinks they've found a plot that works, but this raises some red flags regarding their representation of women.
Hallmark movies lean into a theme, whether Christmas or a wedding, with at least one seasonal element per scene. There should be a limit so that Christmas activities can act as ambient background elements instead of one of the main talking points.