Royals Every Taurus Can Relate To
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Tauruses are intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, and somewhat stubborn, and several royal family members belong to this star sign and embody its traits. The most famous royal of all, Queen Elizabeth, is a Taurus, and she has proven herself to be determined and tenacious, having presided over her kingdom and her family for seven decades.
Prince Louis, son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is also a Taurus, and he showed his stubbornness at the queen's Platinum Jubilee, where he made funny faces and played around with his mom in front of the cameras. Louis' playful side comes from his Leo moon, and he shares both his sun and moon sign with his grandmother Elizabeth.
Meanwhile, Princess Charlotte — yet another royal Taurus — was trying to keep her brother Louis under control at the Platinum Jubilee, and even looked a bit stressed out over his antics. The princess seems to take her role quite seriously, and her moon is in Libra, meaning she shows more balanced, disciplined, and dedicated Taurus traits.
Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is still a cute little toddler who's growing into his personality, but we do know that he's a Taurus, just like his cousin and grandmother. Elle reports that little Archie is a caring big brother to his sister, Lilibet, which may mean he’s growing into his Taurus leadership attributes.