Many factors lead to breakouts, dry skin, and even the creation of lines and wrinkles, including stress, exposure to dry air, ultraviolet light exposure, temperature change, and more. If you've been having these issues, it's possible that your job is to blame, but don't worry, skincare experts are here to help.
If you want to offer your skin the best chance of staying plump for longer, look for work in the sports or leisure industries, because jobs that don’t require late hours or much stress are the best for your skin. The sports and leisure jobs also make it easier for you to eat healthy, and healthy foods are key to glowing, clear skin since they contain so many good vitamins.
Science, hospitality, and construction are the worst careers for your skin because they generally require late night hours. Office jobs also cause skin stress because they only have artificial lighting and heat, so to protect your skin, use a gentle cleanser, and if you get breakouts, use a cleanser containing benzoyl peroxide.
A good moisturizer is also the key to saving your skin, as is using a humidifier to improve the air quality, and meditating to reduce general stress and keep your skin looking young and bright. According to Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd, meditating “initiates the relaxation response, which activates the body's parasympathetic nervous system.”