Smart Hacks To Plan A Wedding On A Budget
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Destination Wedding
A destination wedding could lower costs, but make sure you can legally get married at your chosen location. At a destination wedding, you can have a smaller guest list, get an all-exclusive package or vendors that are on-site, and your honeymoon could be in the same place.
While save-the-date cards might seem cute, it’s a huge waste of paper and money. Instead, send out digital cards, founder of Bridal Bliss, Nora Sheils says, “They can be easily designed, quickly sent, and either free or a very low cost.”
You should extend plus-one invitations to guests that are married or engaged, your bridal party, and those on your VIP list who won't know the other guests. You can forgo the plus-ones for guests who are only casually dating, co-workers, and single people who you're not super close with and will know others at your wedding.
The most popular time to get married is on a Saturday between May and October, so if you decide to get married in the off-season on a weekday, you’ll save big bucks. Traveling expenses will also decrease during the offseason.
Perfect Timing
If you get married in the morning, the venue can book an evening slot, meaning the venue will earn more money and might be willing to give you a discount. Having a wedding in the morning means you can fly out for your honeymoon in the evening instead of at the crack of dawn.