Crystals can be used in beautiful jewelry or room decorations, but some also believe they play a vital role in spiritual practices, meditation, energy balance, and more. These beliefs can also be combined with astrology and tell you which crystals are right and wrong for you; if you’re a Pisces, these are the crystals you should keep around or definitely steer clear of.
Amethyst can offer spiritual protection and ensure good sleep for a Pisces; however, it shouldn’t be paired with passion-boosting carnelian, since using these stones at the same time can cancel out their effects. Tiger’s eye is another great stone that can boost your self-confidence, but it shouldn’t be paired with smoky quartz, which focuses on stability.
Pisces should also steer clear of using tiger’s eye with amazonite, as these stones' energies will cancel each other out. Blue lace agate can help Pisces stay grounded and calm, but it will not pair well with orange calcite, as calcite has a similar effect to carnelian, promoting a Pisces’ passionate and creative side.
Blue lace agate also doesn't work well with red jasper, which boosts vitality. If a Pisces wants to clear negativity from their life, they should use a clear quartz, but not at the same time as malachite, which can actually boost negative energy. If you want to try crystals for yourself, always do a little research before pairing certain stones together.