Strange Facts About Prince Harry
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His Name
One of the most basic facts about Prince Harry is actually a misnomer. While the royal has always been known publicly as Harry, his legal name is Henry Charles Albert David — Harry is just a nickname, and the prince used another alternative name, Harry Wales, while in school and the military.
One of Princess Diana’s nicknames for her younger son was "my little Spencer." This nickname was due to Harry's red hair, which did not match Princess Diana's own blonde locks, but did match the hair color of her siblings; this marked Harry as a clear member of Diana's family, the Spencers.
According to the Irish Times, reports once circulated that Harry smoked marijuana and drank alcohol while underage. His father Prince Charles was said to be furious, and had Harry sent to a rehab facility when he was 17, so he could speak to recovering addicts and learn from their experiences.
Prince Charles’ Son?
Some detractors think that Prince Harry is not the biological son of Prince Charles, but instead the son of former military officer James Hewitt. Princess Diana did admit to having an affair with Hewitt, but the problem is that she didn't meet Hewitt until several years after Prince Harry was born.
Teased In School
In 2001, 16-year-old Harry admitted to drinking underage and smoking marijuana, and Charles even sent him to a rehab center for a day. In 2005, Harry was photographed wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party, and media response was immediate, leading the prince to apologize officially.