Strict Dress Code Rules Guests Need To Follow At A Royal Wedding
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Small Handbags
If you’re lucky enough to get a royal wedding invite, remember to pack light as only small handbags are allowed due to minimal seating. However, Princess Diana got clever with her clutch, using it to block her cleavage while leaning forward, while Queen Elizabeth would shift her purse from hand to hand to send messages to her staff.
No Swords
Swords might seem like an unusual accessory but they’re quite common in British and U.S. military tradition, with rituals like sword cake-cutting or the arch of swords. However, at Meghan and Harry’s wedding, the couple requested that guests in military attire leave behind their swords and abstain from wearing medals.
Hats Required
For ladies, hats are one of the best-loved traditions of royal weddings, with the accessories becoming more elaborate over time, otherwise you can opt for a fascinator, a small headpiece adorned with feathers and veils. Just remember that although headpieces are required, it’s best practice to make sure you don’t obscure the view of others.
Black Tie Attire
Women have many rules to follow when it comes to royal weddings, but men aren’t completely off the hook. Military members are expected to show up in their finest service uniforms, while non-military men can wear a dark suit and tie or a waistcoat and fitted jacket with long tails, but absolutely no hats on men are allowed.
Covered Shoulders
It may seem outdated, but royal wedding guests are expected to obey the standards of British etiquette and the Church of England. These institutions have very clear rules: no visible cleavage, shoulders, or back. According to etiquette expert Myka Meier, “You won’t see a lot of skin. At least you shouldn’t. It would be seen as disrespectful.”