The 60's Inspired Hairstyle That's Taking Over The Internet
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Jackie Kennedy Onassis' signature hair flip is one of the hottest trends this season. The hairstyle with the flipped-out ends was hot in the ‘60s, made a comeback in the ‘90s, and has returned now as a leading trend in spring of 2022.
This latest iteration of the hair flip is smoother and straighter, but still features the iconic “C-shaped” flips at the ends. London-based hairstylist Larry King said this is a low-maintenance style and is great for anyone with a bob or a lob.
Unlike many celebrity-inspired hairstyles, this fun and flirty flip is easy to recreate at home. Simply apply a bit of mousse to create volume, blow dry, part your hair at the center or the side, and use a round brush and hair dryer to flip the ends upward.