The Cheeky
Story Behind
Last Portrait
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Queen Elizabeth was deeply loved by her family and the British people for her political prowess and warm disposition. Just months before she passed, she was photographed by Ranald Mackechnie to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, and Her Majesty shared her infectious sense of humor during their session.
Mackechnie recalls the Queen asking him what he wanted from her, to which Mackechnie said “I want you to smile and look happy.” Her Majesty teasingly replied, “Well, you can't make me” and “giggled” during their conversation, creating an environment where both she and Mackechnie were at ease.
The Queen wore her favorite color blue for her final portrait and accessorized with a pearl necklace, pearl earrings, and a blue brooch. When the royal family shared the photo on Instagram after her passing, millions commented to say how beautiful she looks and believe it was the perfect tribute to her memory.