A woman with foundation swiped across her face
The Easiest Way To Figure Out Your Skin's Undertones
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Your skin's undertones and makeup go hand in hand, so if you notice your makeup always looks slightly unblended or has lines of demarcation, it's time to check your skin's undertones. When you use the right foundation shade, your makeup will look effortlessly blended, so here's how to find your perfect shade.
You can figure out your skin's undertone by checking the veins on your wrist — if they are green, you likely have warm undertones, whereas blueish veins signify cool undertones. For those still confused, try on gold jewelry to see if it looks good against your skin. If it does, you likely have warm undertones, but if silver looks better, you may have cool undertones.
Your skin's tone is the tone of the surface level of your skin, while your undertone is the shade underneath, which always stays the same. When you have warm undertones, your skin has gold, yellow, or peachy undertones, while cool undertones include pink, red, or blue tones — neutral undertones have a combination of warm and cool tones.