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The Exact Lip Product Used On Bridgerton
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Oh, "Bridgerton" with its gravity-defying wigs, glittering jewelry, and scandalously exposed décolletage that makes viewers long for the glamour of a bygone era. We may not be able to time-travel back to the Regency era, but with one product, we can mimic one of "Bridgerton's" common beauty staples: plump, gorgeous lips.
dr. pawpaw
Head makeup artist Marc Pilcher insisted that the show's cast wear Dr. Pawpaw balm, explaining that "It provided everyone with protection against the elements when we filmed during the winter and on night shoots. It was great for use on this period drama as we needed our cast to [...] have beautiful lips in a natural way."
Versatile product
Dr. Pawpaw balm is very versatile since it's not tinted, as "Bridgerton" makeup artist Lynda Pearce revealed, explaining that she used it on Phoebe Dynevor, who played Daphne Bridgerton, to achieve a natural look. "We often mixed it with a lip liner or lip stain, or sometimes applied it just on its own," Pearce said.
not just for lips
The nourishing formula in this multitasking balm can deliver some TLC to delicate cuticles, brittle nails, or dry elbows; you can even brush it into your brows for a long-lasting hold. No matter where you use it, the balm's application is easy; start with a small amount and layer as necessary.