Woman walking in baggy jeans, a white t-shirt, and black jacket carrying a purse and wearing a hat and black-rimmed glasses
The Genius Hack That Prevents Your Jeans From Touching The Ground
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It is time to deep-dive into your closet and dig out the jeans you loved in the 2000s because baggy jeans are trendy again. However, if your wide-legged jeans are too long and touching the ground or causing you to trip, this simple TikTok hack from fashion influencer Bo Brown will help.
The hack requires two elastics that fit snugly without being too tight. Place an elastic over your foot and pants leg as high as needed, depending on how much should be cropped, and then pull the fabric up and out above the elastic.
Continue this action until your jeans fold over the now-raised hem and is no longer visible, and once you have one leg cropped to your liking, repeat this process with your other leg. The result is a pair of jeans with cropped pants legs with the hems resting on or above the tops of your feet.