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The Hack That Will Keep Your Gray Hair Luminous
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Whether it was initiated by the COVID pandemic, or the desire for a lower-maintenance lifestyle, women in all age categories are embracing their natural gray hair, and it is making a big comeback. These women have discovered that gray hair can be stunning, but it requires special care to keep it vibrant.
If you’ve never dyed your hair, letting the gray grow in naturally is easy, but if you’ve colored your hair, the process is different. If you have the patience, simply grow it out; if you are impatient, let your roots grow out a bit and go to a skilled and trusted colorist who can match the color of your hair to the color of your roots.
Once your hair is completely gray, it requires more upkeep, because it can become dull if not nourished. Hairstylist Christin Brown explains, "Gray hair grabs what's in the atmosphere, so it can turn yellow very quickly." Purple shampoo is a great way to help hair look less brassy and brighten gray hair after it becomes dull.