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The Homeowner Who Was Left Unimpressed With Her Fixer Upper Experience
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For fans, “Fixer Upper” is synonymous with beautiful homes, redone interiors, and picture-perfect living, and the opportunity to move into a home remodeled by Chip and Joanna Gaines. However, not all participants in the renovation show get their dream home, and one woman was left unimpressed.
As any fan knows, “Fixer Upper” is premised on taking the “worst home in the best neighborhood” and turning it into the “client’s dream home,” but that’s not how episode 10 of Season 3 worked out. After filming ended, the Downs family featured in the episode quickly realized that their home wasn’t in the “best neighborhood” after all.
After moving in, the Downs family learned their neighborhood had several bars, creating a lot of noise and traffic, and a year and a half after they moved in, the couple awoke to a drunk driver crashing through the front window of their home. On her experience, Kelly Downs said, “There’s a big problem here, It’s not safe. This is ‘Fixer Upper’ gone bad.”