The Ideal Age Gap, According To Research
Lifestyle News
Whenever a celebrity couple with a sizable age gap gets together, the public is quick to take notice and pass judgment. A lot of this can be chalked up to taboo as a lot of people are skeptical that relationships with large age differences are healthy, but according to a recent study, this doubt is not entirely unfounded.
A recent study revealed that partners further apart in age are less likely to be satisfied with their marriage and that an age gap between 0 to 3 years leads to the most satisfaction in a relationship. This is attributed to the partners' similarity in life stages and emotional maturity, and their ability to relate to one another better.
Marriage counselor Brandy Porche notes that “even if the age gap is small, like 4 to 5 years, different levels of maturity can be observed” leading to potential discord in the relationship. However, these studies simply show overarching patterns, and success can be found in any relationship as long as both partners feel seen and heard.