The Lacey Chabert Hallmark Movie That's Actually Worth Your Time
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Lacey Chabert is best known for her portrayal of Gretchen Wieners in "Mean Girls," but fans of soap operas will recognize her from her time on "All My Children." While Chabert is best recognized for her performance as a ditzy high schooler, she has a diverse range of acting credits.
Chabert is nicknamed the "Queen Of Hallmark Christmas Movies,'' due to her appearances in 18 Hallmark films. She has appeared in "Sweet Carolina," "The Wedding Veil" and its two sequels, and several Christmas films, including "Christmas at Castle Hart" and "Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas," but which is her best one?
The one to put on your list is “Elevator Girl,” which sees Chabert co-starring with Ryan Merriman. Chabert portrays Liberty, who gets caught in an elevator with a young, successful lawyer, which leads to the two falling in love.
Before you watch “Mean Girls” for the millionth time, there are 18 Hallmark movies to choose from, since Chabert “can't help it that [she’s] so popular.” Although the plot may be a little cliched, "Elevator Girl" is a must-see film that is both humorous and heartwarming.