The Meaning Behind Machine Gun Kelly's Tattoos
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Machine Gun Kelly had always been a well-known star, but his engagement to Megan Fox put him on the map. With the rapper-turned-rock artist receiving more attention than ever before, it's time to take a closer look at his numerous tattoos.
Kelly has an estimated total of 83 tattoos, which include tributes to his albums, fake wounds, and area codes that are significant to him. Kelly "started getting tattoos when [he] was fourteen," and in 2010, he tattooed "Almost Famous" on his lower stomach to remind him "how much it sucked to ALMOST be famous."
Kelly and Fox also have matching tattoos, and Kelly has the name of his daughter, Casie, inked on him as well. Kelly also has a guardian angel tattoo on his chest that he got when he found his faith as a teenager, as well as a "Locals Only" tattoo on his chest that refers to the type of people he hangs out with.