LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 13:  Queen Elizabeth II Smiling As She Arrives At The Palace Of Westminster For The State Opening Of Parliament.  The Queen Is Wearing A Diamond Crown Known As The State Diadem Made For The Coronation Of George Lv.  She Is Wearing An Embroidered Cream Satin Dress Covered With A Fur-trimmed Robe.  (Photo by Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images)
The Most Heart-Wrenching Moments From The Queen's Funeral
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Prince George
During Queen Elizabeth's funeral, Prince George, son of Prince William and Princess Catherine, was seen dabbing at his eyes while the choir sang following the queen's funeral possession. As the great-grandson of the late queen, the young royal must have felt overwhelmed by the loss of his beloved great-grandmother.
meghan markle
Meghan Markle was photographed wiping away tears after the service honoring the late queen at Westminster Abbey, shortly before Elizabeth's coffin was brought to Wellington Arch in Hyde Park. Markle also paid tribute to her late grandmother-in-law by wearing pearl and diamond earrings that were a gift from the queen.
The queen's piper
Queen Elizabeth's personal piper used to wake her up each morning by playing bagpipes underneath her window, which he did at all of the queen's residences. At her funeral, the piper played one final tune as the queen's coffin was lowered into the Royal Vault beneath St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.
King Charles
With his wife Queen Consort Camilla at his side, King Charles III was seen wiping away tears after the nationwide two-minute moment of silence for his mother. The emotional moment was captured at Westminster Abbey as "God Save the King" was played to the funeral attendees.
Prince Harry
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, tragically did not make it to Balmoral Castle in time to say goodbye to his grandmother. In every photo of Harry at the funeral, he understandably looked very emotional, as he walked alongside his father King Charles and his brother Prince William behind the queen's casket.