The Most Inappropriate Outfits Camilla Parker Bowles
Has Worn
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Color defies convention
Camilla is often seen wearing an eye-catching hat and matching coat to public events, which is very appropriate. However, she has worn a purple set multiple times to the Commonwealth Day Service, at which royals are typically expected to wear shades of white, red, or blue.
No wedding tiara
As with all royal brides, extra scrutiny was given to Camilla’s wedding wardrobe — particularly her noticeably missing wedding tiara. The most likely reasons she ditched the tiara are because it was the second marriage for both Camilla and Charles, and the wedding wasn’t held in a church.
Statement feathered hat
Famed milliner Philip Treacy said that Camilla prefers beautiful headwear over conservative hats, and her luxurious collection of fascinators and flamboyant hats proves that to be true. One of her most famous hats features a cream-colored bushel of feathers.
Princess Di look alike
When Camilla met Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, she wore a modest black dress, black veil, and pearls. Although it is a protocol for the Pope's audience to wear black, Camilla’s detractors claim she copied Princess Diana's attire when she met Pope John Paul II in 1985.
Redesigned heirloom
At celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles’ investiture, Camilla was seen wearing a brooch redesigned from a diamond-emerald necklace that was previously owned by Princess Diana. Alterations are fine, but she should have considered the previous owner.