The One Royal Who Is Reportedly Holding The Family Together
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The royal family is leaning on each other in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's death, and the biggest source of strength has been Sophie, Countess of Wessex, who was seen comforting her relatives during the queen's funeral. Pranav Bhanot, a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, has more details for us.
"The Countess of Wessex was incredible," Bhanot says. "I saw her putting her arm around three or four people. It felt like she was really the glue keeping everyone quite strong today." Sophie and her husband Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, put on a brave front as their eyes watered while they watched the queen's funeral unfold.
According to Bhanot, the Countess of Wessex went out of her way to check up on others, even consoling the royal bishops as they became emotional. Bhanot adds that "sometimes you have that one strong person in a family who's kind of keeping everyone together. To me, it seemed like Sophie was that person today."