The One Thing Ivanka Trump And Jackie O Have In Common
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Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Ivanka Trump may both be related to presidents, but you'd think that's where the similarities between the two women end. However, it turns out that Ivanka and Jackie O have something in common when it comes to their histories before they entered the world of politics.
Jackie and Ivanka both attended the prestigious Miss Chapin’s School in Manhattan, and funnily enough, they both got into a little bit of trouble. Headmistress Ethel Stringfellow once gave Onassis a D on her report card due to being a distraction in class, and former classmates of Ivanka's have made various claims about her behavior in school.
Onassis and Ivanka also went on to graduate from prestigious Washington universities, though Jackie went to George Washington University while Ivanka went to Georgetown University. Other successful businesswomen besides Ivanka and Jackie also went to Chapin, including Vera Wang, Lily Pulitzer, and Lake Bell.