The Perfect Piercing For An Aries
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Aries live for adventure, and they’re known for their spontaneous outlook, so it wouldn't be surprising if they get a new piercing on a whim. Aries don’t worry about what others think and they have a fearless attitude, so while some might be nervous to get a facial piercing, a nose piercing perfectly fits this star sign.
You can never go wrong with a small stud on the nose, or you can rock a hoop for a bolder look. It’s important to get pierced at a place you trust, and to choose a good-quality material like implant-grade steel or gold, since you want to make sure it's worth your investment and safe for your face.
Nose piercings hurt slightly more than ear piercings, but if you care for your new piercing correctly and make sure it doesn’t get infected, it will heal in three to six months. To prevent infections, only touch the piercing with clean hands, don’t get water on it until it’s done healing, and clean your piercing and its jewelry with saline wipes two times per day.