The Physical Feature You Never Realized Taye Diggs Was Born With
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Taye Diggs is a household name thanks to his work in musical theater, such as the Broadway hit "Rent," as well as films and television shows like "All American." Many things about Diggs stand out, including the fact that his name is Scott rather than Taye, but that isn't the only interesting fact about him.
Another interesting detail about Diggs is that he was born with 12 fingers rather than the customary 10. His extra digits were most likely caused by a disorder known as polydactyly, which can present as a little nub (like Diggs described), a partially developed finger or toe, or a fully formed extra toe or finger.
Joking that he was "actually an alien," Diggs couldn't resist an innuendo either, cheekily adding, "I could have been really handy," regarding his extra two fingers. He said that his mother made the choice to remove the extra digits, though he does still have the scars.