The Queen Just Reached Another Milestone That No One Expected
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The first weekend of June 2022 was monumental for the British royal family, as they joined together to celebrate the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen has reached an impressive milestone as the longest-reigning monarch in British history, but in just a few years, she may earn herself another celebration.
The 4-day-long Platinum Jubilee has been extravagant, but it's not the first for Elizabeth. Her Silver Jubilee marked 25 years of her rule on the throne, her Ruby Jubilee celebrated 40 years, the Golden Jubilee commemorated 50 years, her Diamond Jubilee marked 60 years, and at 65 years, the queen celebrated with a Sapphire Jubilee.
If the queen reaches 75 years of service, the royal family won't even know what to call the celebration, as no British monarch has ever accomplished such a milestone. However, if we're talking worldwide, only one ruler has surpassed Queen Elizabeth II's reign; French King Louis XIV’s time on the throne stretched for 72 years and 110 days!