The Real Meaning Of A Blue Rose Tattoo
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Roses have represented love for centuries, and have long been one of the most popular tattoos. Pink roses are most often associated with femininity, while black can symbolize feelings of grief, but one color that's frequently used in tattoo designs doesn't occur in nature: the blue rose.
Horticulturists have spent ages attempting to grow blue roses, but have never achieved a deep blue hue, thus for the time being, many people have resigned themselves to creating their own blue roses through artwork, such as tattoo designs. A blue rose might represent feelings of longing, and mystery and fantasy due to their unattainable nature.
In Chinese culture, a blue rose represents good fortune and protection, while in Europe, it can represent faithfulness and constancy in love. The latter is also rooted in Asian folklore, where a blue rose is given as a wedding or milestone gift to signify perfect, immortal love; this meaning is lifted from a Chinese fairytale known as "The Legend of the Blue Rose."