The Real Reason Ashland Locke Got Recast On The Young And The Restless
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After 108 episodes on “The Young and the Restless” as Ashland Locke, fans were surprised to hear the news that Richard Burgi had been fired from the show. The actor took to his Instagram stories to share that he had been fired due to his misunderstanding of the soap opera’s COVID-19 policy.
Burgi revealed that he had tested positive for COVID-19, quarantined for five days, and then tested negative when he returned to the studio. However, he discovered that the show’s quarantine guidelines specified a 10-day quarantine period, so he got fired for “inadvertently violat[ing] the show’s COVID rules”.
Burgi clarified that he had no bad feelings towards “The Young and the Restless” team, and only had good wishes for the show and the actor who would replace him. On the February 9th episode, Robert Newman debuted as Ashland Locke, marking his return to the soap world after “Guiding Light” went off-air 10 years ago.