Madlyn and Colby were one of the couples on "The Ultimatum," and while women gave most of the ultimatums, Colby was the one who gave Madlyn the choice of getting married or splitting up. Madlyn had voiced her hesitation to accept a proposal from Colby since the first episode, but Madlyn's friends weren't the greatest fans of her boyfriend either.
Maeson, Karli, and Caila, Madlyn's three closest friends, all expressed dissatisfaction whenever Colby's name was brought up in conversation, saying, “He just wants to be the center of attention.” Karli added that she doesn't think Colby is “on the same level as [Randall],” and Maeson stated she would move on with Randall if she were in Madlyn's situation.
By the end of the show, Madlyn and Colby had resolved their issues, with Madlyn accepting Colby's proposal, and the pair revealed their pregnancy at the reunion show. Madlyn stated why her friends were against Colby on the reunion show, saying that they “100% support Madlyn” and that "at that moment I wasn't liking Colby so they don't like Colby."