The Real Reason Marcia And Steve Harvey Divorced
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Steve Harvey has worn several hats throughout his long career in the entertainment industry, but he is best known as the current host of "Family Feud." However, long before he was hosting the “Feud,” he was a standup comedian in the 1980s and 1990s.
During that time, he married Marcia Harvey, a woman he met in his home state of Ohio, and the couple had three children: twin daughters Karli and Brandi and a son, Broderick Harvey Jr. However, the two split up in 1990 and ultimately divorced in 1994.
It is believed that Marcia had a hard time accepting her husband’s place in the spotlight as he began to gain popularity as a standup comedian. Harvey's entertainment profession did not appeal to her, and she thought he was spending less time with her and their children.
They split up while Marcia was pregnant with their son, and they divorced after allegations of infidelity surfaced. It is believed that Harvey was living with his second wife, Mary Lee, before their divorce was finalized.