Courtney and Eric Waldrop already had three sons when Courtney found out she was pregnant with six babies, and the family's popular reality show, "Sweet Home Sextuplets," follows the couple and their kids' daily life in their huge household. However, it seems TLC is not bringing the show back for a 4th season.
When "Sextuplets" stopped filming in July 2020, viewers had a lot of questions. Courtney and Eric took to their YouTube channel to update fans, and Courtney recalled signing up for the show: "We made the decision that, 'Okay, we'll do it, we'll give it a shot, and if it ever becomes something [...] that's hard on our kids, then we'll stop".
Courtney added, "There’s nothing in this world that we would want to put before our family," so the couple thought it best to avoid unnecessary stress and not continue the show. Viewers were sympathetic, with one fan commenting, "I'll miss [your] show so much, I loved it, but don't apologize for putting your kids first".