We all know that some of us are "bath people" and some of us are "shower people," but two-thirds of Americans shower every day, which is a pretty significant statistic. Showers and baths can both help you relax and boost your mental health, but overuse of either can damage your hair and skin — but what about the environmental factors?
Studies have found that when one bath is compared to one eight to 12-minute shower, showers are just barely more water-efficient. However, while a tub holds the same amount of water every time you bathe, and that amount stays the same throughout your bath, in the shower, you can control how much water you use by shutting it off earlier rather than later.
If you cut down your showering time, you'll save time, money, and water. Another great way to conserve water during a shower is to use a low-flow shower head; on a national basis, these shower heads can reduce water consumption by 260 billion gallons a year and cut down utility bills by $2.9 billion — and you’ll still get a quality shower experience.