The Secret About My Lottery Dream Home You Weren't Supposed To Know
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So-called "reality" shows are often anything but real, and "My Lottery Dream Home" is no exception. The popular HGTV series follows real-life lottery winners as they look for their dream homes to spend their newfound fortune on, but their house-hunting journeys aren't always what they appear to be.
Homes areN't a Priority
It's easy to imagine lottery winners rushing to the phone to call "My Lottery Dream Home" ASAP, but the big winners have likely done a lot of work prior to filming. According to State Farm, new millionaires should hire a lawyer, financial planner, and accountant before they even claim their prize, lest they end up broke.
house vs. mansion
Mega-mansions may be the most entertaining properties to see on the show, but family needs are often more modest than whatever makes good television. One past winner chose a house because it had a large play space for his grandkids, while another family simply wanted enough bathrooms so that no one had to share.
Filming after the fact
One man who appeared on "My Lottery Dream Home" had already bought his dream beach house two years before filming, and agreed to tour his own home before pretending to make his selection. Another couple pretended to be surprised to see the same room over and over again, due to reshoots.