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The Soap Opera That You'll Fall In Love With If You're An Aries
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If you fall under the Aries zodiac, you might find yourself second-guessing your decisions after you’ve been made. When it comes to both good and bad decisions, the characters of some of our favorite daytime television shows have made plenty of them, but there is one soap opera that would appeal to an Aries viewer more than the rest, for plenty of good reason.
"General Hospital" is a good fit for any Arien viewer because of the unpredictable nature of the characters and plot. You may not have predicted that Sonny would leave Carly, his fifth wife, for Nina, or that Carly has already moved on to Drew, or that other characters have heartbreaking arcs that are relatable and thought-provoking.
Aries loves a high-energy drama, and "General Hospital" is a soap opera that delivers with every episode. The high emotion and intense drama make "General Hospital" a riveting soap that has entertained people of all zodiac signs for decades and is sure to keep Aries fans on the edge of their seats.