Johnny Depp smoking a cigarette, circa 2000. (Photo by Rose Hartman/Getty Images)
The Stunning Transformation Of Johnny Depp
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troubled childhood
Johnny Depp recalls having a "strange" and "dark" childhood, with his family constantly moving and his parents often hitting him. Despite this, Depp thinks his parents "did the best they could with what they knew," and he generously bought his mother, Betty Sue, a home in Los Angeles.
love for music
As a teen, Depp smoked, drank, and got into trouble at school; he credits music, such as artists like Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, for getting him through puberty. After dropping out of high school, Depp even formed his own band, opening for the likes of Iggy Pop and the Ramones.
Marriage to Lori
During his time with music, Depp met Lori Anne Allison, whom he married at 20 and divorced two years later. Depp has admitted he wasn’t necessarily in love, but shared a "strong bond" with Allison; in 2015, she described him as a "talented actor" and an "extremely talented guitar player."
Credits 'luck' for fame
When Depp moved to Los Angeles, Allison introduced him to Nicolas Cage, and Depp began considering an acting career. He landed his first role in 1984’s "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and was shocked at how much money he was paid, saying, "It was luck, an accident. I did it purely to pay the rent."
the heartthrob
Depp’s first role in "Elm Street" led to his breakthrough role on Fox's "21 Jump Street," turning him into an ‘80s teen idol. While Depp was grateful, he also found it "frustrating" that Fox was "selling [him] as this product" to launch the network, and he feared becoming irrelevant once the hype was over.