CANNES, FRANCE - JUNE 20: Spotify Vice President, Global Head of Public Affairs Dustee Jenkins and Maisie Williams participate in a Female Quotient Lounge panel at Cannes Lions 2022 on June 20, 2022 in Cannes, France. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Spotify)
The Stunning Transformation Of Maisie Williams
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Cartoonish Origin
Maisie Williams, born Margaret, grew up the youngest of four children in Bristol, UK. Growing up, her family wasn't especially wealthy — as Williams told Evening Standard that there weren't "bags of money to go around," meaning acting lessons were a no-go; however, she had a certain knack for performing, especially around her family.
Williams decided not to take her GCSE exams since her difficult work schedule kept her out of school frequently when she first began acting. Williams' mother stated to Evening Standard that "Maisie was given a lot of opportunities that we didn't feel we could turn down to concentrate on education," in response to criticism of their choice.
Love of Dance
For Williams, acting was a secondary pursuit, as her first love has always been dance. Prior to auditioning for "Game of Thrones," the actress had taken a few local dance classes, telling The Guardian in 2016, "If I could have had a career in dancing, I would have left acting in a second."
Teen Years
Growing up in front of the camera hasn't been easy for Williams, particularly when it comes to living out her teenage years. She told The Guardian, "Going through that and trying to juggle other people's opinions on who you are and how you should act, that's difficult, because you’re trying to find your own identity."
Millennial Culture
As Williams has gotten older, she's developed a fiercely defensive attitude regarding teenagers, telling Elle in 2018, "We are the future, with our vlogging and phones." From her perspective, the way teenagers are judged as a whole based on a few bad examples is biased and unfair.